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Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainability is a duty towards the system, people, and the company

Discover our path in ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance

Sustainability is a duty towards the system, people, and the company

Discover our path in ESG

Enviromental, Social
and Governance.

The SDGs parameters

OMR's sustainability goals

OMR has carried out actions in line with 6 out of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) parameters recognised by the United Nations, placing a high priority on the enhancement of human capital, innovation of the production and technological process and the reduction of environmental impact.

“Engaging in the journey that led to the publication of this Sustainability Report was very important to us and allowed us to see our company from a different point of view.”


OMR collaborates with the One Ocean Foundation, a sustainability partner, to accelerate the solution to ocean problems and promoting a sustainable blue economy.

Accordingly, the company has adopted the ISO 14001 environmental management system and manages the activities entrusted to it in an environmentally friendly manner, in compliance with current national and EU regulations.

OMR’s commitment in reducing its environmental impact involves the purchase of renewable energy. The company has entered into an agreement with its energy supplier, achieving 100% of purchased energy from renewable sources and zero indirect emissions for energy consumption.


Renewable energy



The three photovoltaic plants in Remedello generate over 3.5 million kWh of energy, which covers 26% of our company’s energy needs. With the fourth plant soon to be built, 40% will be reached.

Events & News

Agreement with Arvedi Group confirmed

OMR confirms Arvedi Group as scrap recovery partner

OMR is strongly committed to reducing the impact of its production chain on the environment. In fact, an important step to achieve circularity in...

Renewed la ISO 14001

Environmental Management System: OMR certified

The environmental policy expresses OMR’s commitment to guarantee the best environmental performance through the use of the best available technologies. This is why the...

Sustainable Blue Economy

OMR alongside One Ocean Foundation for the next 3 years

OMR has always been very sensitive to sustainability issues, takes up the challenge represented by the fight against Climate Change and, from 2021, has...

Network and Territory

OMR has always supported projects in Italy and abroad to help populations affected by natural disasters. In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, OMR supported as many as 1,350 families with its donations.

The company supports the cultural development of the territory. In addition, it supported the building of the Sacred Heart Catholic University’s Brescia branch and sponsored the Brescia Museums Foundation.

OMR pays attention to the requirements regarding the protection and safeguarding of personal data. Constant consultation with the National Data Protection Authority takes place.



ISO 9001

At OMR, we pay close attention to the satisfaction of our current and potential customers, their requests and expectations, with the aim of providing increasingly competitive services with a guarantee of maximum professionalism. The quality management system is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Events & News

Food for all

OMR donates a van to hand out food packs

In 2021 we donated €50,000.00 to the project Food for All, an initiative promoted in Brescia during OMR – Sustainability Report 2021 81 The...

OMR, solidarity chain

A breath of fresh air for the municipality and its citizens

We believe that a positive relationship with the community is the basis for a good corporate reputation with all stakeholders, as well as being...


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore: financial support from OMR for the new campus in Brescia

OMR supports the area’s cultural growth. The new campus area of Brescia’s Sacred Heart Catholic University was inaugurated in 2021 in the area of...

High safety standards


The Company is committed to the professional growth of its personnel, assessing their merits and performance, as well as their skills and abilities, experience and seniority.

The Company carries out constant monitoring of its plants, wherever located and functioning, in addition to the legal obligations to ensure maximum safety and quality of its services.

OMR Spa has appointed a Risk Prevention and Protection Service Manager for the protection of workers and the prevention of accidents at work.

With respect for the principles of equal opportunities and protection of privacy, the Company guarantees the protection of all its members’ dignity and psychophysical integrity. It works for the integration of employees and their inclusion in ‘corporate life’, organising events open to workers and their families.


Events & News

OMR Grand Prix Edition 2022

Kart race for employees and families returns

Open doors to employees and their families with the Enio Ceriali” Grand Prix, organised by OMR Spa. The memorial event, dedicated to the founder...

New Company restaurant inaugurated

OMR’s new Corporate Restaurant completed, a space for workers and employees

OMR’s new Corporate Restaurant officially opened. Demonstrating the company’s commitment to the wellbeing of its workers, OMR has decided to facilitate access to the...

Memorial Event 2015

Concert for Enio Ceriali

The concert was organised by our company for all its employees, with the main objective of remembering and thanking Enio Ceriali, a visionary entrepreneur,...



Business Model
and Innovation

OMR processes over 3000 different items per month, including chassis components, cabs, chassis, anti-intrusion bars, hoods, handling arms, buckets and forks for transpallets.

OMR Spa delivers daily throughout Europe, thanks to integrated logistics that guarantee traceability of the production cycle and speed up picking and shipping operations.

The Electronic Data Interchange system integrates information flows of incoming and outgoing documents in order to manage them in real time.

Openness, good faith, fairness, impartiality, loyalty and equal opportunities are the values underlying the relations OMR has with its suppliers. In these relationships it conforms to and shares its Code of Ethics, especially in terms of safeguarding personnel and the environment.

of Ethics

Events & News

Stampaggio a freddo lamiera
Innovation and quality

Cold Sheet Metal Forming: Innovation and Quality in the Automotive Sector with OMR

  Cold sheet metal forming is one of the main processes in the automotive industry. This technique is essential for producing vital vehicle components,...

Business continuity
Business continuity

Business continuity: a guarantee for the customer

According to OMR, Business continuity is fundamental for its production process. In a constantly growing market, competition requires to continuously improve the processes to...

Investments in Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging OMR’s Investments in Cutting-Edge Technology

Industry 4.0 presents a valuable opportunity for OMR S.p.A. to optimize its manufacturing operations. Robotics and automation are two of the defining characteristics of...

Leadership and Governance

OMR was founded in 1972 and started its business as a metalworking company producing pressed and assembled steel products for local industries.

In the 1980s, the company made a series of decisive choices regarding sales and steel components for the European automotive industry, going through a progressive technical and technological upgrade.

OMR was among the first Italian companies to import laser cutting technology and is one of the few to have a cataphoresis and powder coating plant within its production cycle.



OMR is an limited company governed by a Board of Directors; this legal form was adopted to ensure greater transparency towards the market, both domestically and abroad. The Ceriali family, founders of OMR, still own the majority of the company’s shares.

Events & News

Agreement for the next 10 years

Iveco extends 10-year partnership with OMR

The partnership with Iveco continues. The cooperation that began in the 1970s between OMR and Iveco Group continues to thrive, so much so that...

OMR lands in Spain

OMR Truck Components Madrid

OMR implements its production and lands” in Spain. The new plant in Madrid, which has been operational for some time now, was set up...

New regulations approved by the board of Directors

The Code of Ethics expanded with new anti-Covid regulations

OMR’s Code of Ethics is the instrument through which the company declares its shared principles and values, expresses its ethical and behavioural commitments and...