Years of automotive know-how since 1972

Business Model and Innovation

Accredia renews ISO9001 certification for Spa

OMR at the top for management system quality

The commitment of OMR is directed towards continuous improvement, to be implemented through the improvement of production processes and plants, as well as through...

Will carry out testing and sampling for new ideas

New prototyping and testing department

In order to study new products for better performance and lower costs, OMR has recently expanded its internal organisational structure. In fact, it has...

OMR at the trade fair in September

OMR at the IAA Transportation in Hannover

OMR is taking part in the IAA Transportation in Hannover from 17 to 22 September. The large German trade fair, dedicated to showcasing the...

“Engaging in the journey that led to the publication of this Sustainability Report was very important to us and allowed us to see our company from a different perspective.”

Available from 2023

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