Years of automotive know-how since 1972

Robotized welding

MIG/MAG robotic welding islands

Robotized MAG welding islands with tilting, horizontally/vertically rotating or stationary systems to perform the welding process in an optimal position at all times.
The welders are equipped with a centralised parameter monitoring and recording system, including the welding speed, which, combined with a marking system, allows the precise traceability of each individual section, which is necessary in order to handle safety welds correctly.
The design and manufacture of the equipment related to the welding process is in-house, precisely to preserve and progressively increase the know-how.

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OMR: a journey through the Company

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Agreement for the next 10 years

Iveco extends 10-year partnership with OMR

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OMR lands in Spain

OMR Truck Components Madrid

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OMR processes

OMR’s strategic choice has always been to integrate in-house all the processes required in the manufacturing of its products from raw materials to the finished product.


Company OMR – A leading partner in the development and supply of vehicle components for leading European industries.


Excellence in OMR’s products is the result of a strong focus on the needs of its customers combined with the ability to produce them efficiently.


The application range of OMR’s products spans across different types of vehicles in the automotive sector.