Years of automotive know-how since 1972


Presses up to 2400 TONS

The wide range of available presses: mechanical, hydraulic and servo presses, allows the processing of all products that can be made from semi-finished sheet metal, starting from thicknesses of 1 mm up to 18 mm, with volumes ranging from a few dozen pieces/year, up to over 300,000 pieces/year. Particularly in recent years, investments have been made in plants geared towards the processing of high-strength sheet metal with increasingly challenging characteristics.
Every press, including the most powerful 2400 ton presses, has at least one back-up plant to guarantee continuity of supply.

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Business continuity
Business continuity

Business continuity: a guarantee for the customer

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Investments in Cutting-Edge Technology

Leveraging OMR’s Investments in Cutting-Edge Technology

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OMR: a journey through the Company

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OMR processes

OMR’s strategic choice has always been to integrate in-house all the processes required in the manufacturing of its products from raw materials to the finished product.


Company OMR – A leading partner in the development and supply of vehicle components for leading European industries.


Excellence in OMR’s products is the result of a strong focus on the needs of its customers combined with the ability to produce them efficiently.


The application range of OMR’s products spans across different types of vehicles in the automotive sector.