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Confindustria Ancona and Confindustria Brescia visit OMR Plant: a moment of collaboration and growth

A year full of innovations and collaborations

The delegations of Confindustria Ancona and Confindustria Brescia recently visited OMR Plant. This marked a significant moment for the company representing the conclusion of a year full of innovations and collaborations which have clearly highlighted the primary objective of the company itself: to promote dialogue and sharing experiences with other entrepreneurial realities in order to guarantee constant improvement and growth.

On the occasion of this prestigious meeting, the company restaurant was transformed into an exclusive environment, designed to welcome and facilitate interaction between guests, among which the presence of the president of Piccola Industria, Marco Capitanio, stands out. In addition to representing an opportunity to taste food and wine delicacies, the lunch proved to be highly profitable for the creation of intriguing connections and the exchange of opinions between the various participants.


The visit to the departments of the Remedello plant

During the course of the day, the two Confindustria delegations had the opportunity to carry out a detailed visit to the departments of the Remedello plant, witnessing the entire production process firsthand. From advanced 2D laser cutting activities to the skill required for bending materials, up to the most complex processes, such as molding, robotic welding and the final painting phase of steel components, all carried out using cutting-edge technologies that guarantee maximum operational efficiency and compliance with high quality standards.

Guests coming from Brescia and Ancona also had the opportunity to witness complete industrial automation processes, recently implemented by OMR. These systems guarantee a high quality product, always in tune with customer needs, thus helping to preserve the operational continuity of the plants.

An opportunity for growth and sharing

Company visits, such as that of Confindustria, represent moments of inestimable value for the growth of OMR. The meeting with other entrepreneurial realities offers the opportunity to share and acquire new production and organization logics, through the mutual sharing of experiences and knowledge.

The mutual exchange between companies and entrepreneurs, animated by common values and principles, represents an important opportunity for growth and development both in the context of daily activities and in the future perspective, in order to increase the quality of services and products, in order to promptly satisfy customer needs.

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