Years of automotive know-how since 1972


Certifications and Quality

Innovative solutions, with quality certification

OMR’s Quality Department is organised to carry out all types of tests in accordance with customer requirements and international standards.

In order to achieve this, OMR continuously invests in effective and efficient processes.

OMR’s guiding principles are continuous process improvement and the prevention of quality problems.
The quality management system is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Safety at work is a commitment for everyone

OMR is committed towards safe behaviour, correct procedures in carrying out activities and creating the right conditions for this to happen.

Safety first

OMR pursues the objectives of improving the health and safety of its workers as an integral part of its activities and as a strategic choice, providing adequate organisational, technological and financial resources.

Environmental respect is a corporate objective

OMR believes that ensuring the best environmental performance is a constitutive and essential element for the exercise of its activities and the achievement of corporate objectives.

Our guiding principles are efficient use of resources and raw materials, limiting environmental impacts by using the best available technologies and sustainable environmental practices, and continuous improvement. The environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified.


OMR continually researches available and advanced technologies to maintain the ability to meet customer demands at the highest level.


The excellence of OMR’s products is the result of a strong focus on the needs of its customers combined with the ability to produce them efficiently.


The field in which OMR’s products are applied ranges from different types of vehicles in the automotive sector.