Years of automotive know-how since 1972


Values and Mission

Where people's talent and know-how make the difference, excellence becomes a standard.


OMR affirms itself as a committed player in sustainable mobility transformation. Thanks to its technical capabilities, it is able to develop innovative solutions for a safe and environmentally friendly mobility. The four pillars that make up OMR’s DNA are:


OMR’s mission is to assist its customers in their technological and market evolution by providing them with all the resources necessary to proactively contribute to the research and development of excellent products. In order to do this, OMR aims to ensure its know-how through the capabilities of its resources. An additional factor has become part of OMR’s mission in recent years: sustainability.

OMR believes that ensuring the best sustainability performance is a constitutive and essential element for carrying out its activities and achieving its corporate objectives.

The company’s guiding principles are the efficient use of resources and raw materials, the containment of environmental impacts with recourse to the best available technologies and sustainable environmental practices, the protection of its personnel and attention to the territory, with a view to continuous improvement.


OMR continually researches available and advanced technologies to maintain the ability to meet customer demands at the highest level.


The excellence of OMR’s products is the result of a strong focus on the needs of its customers combined with the ability to produce them efficiently.


The field in which OMR’s products are applied ranges from different types of vehicles in the automotive sector.