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Leveraging OMR’s Investments in Cutting-Edge Technology

Industry 4.0 presents a valuable opportunity for OMR S.p.A. to optimize its manufacturing operations.

Robotics and automation are two of the defining characteristics of this new industrial era, and it is for this reason that OMR has elected to use KUKA system and benefit from the expertise of Automazioni Industriali SRL to enhance productivity and deliver higher-quality final products.


KUKA robotic island provides a prime example of how automation is employed in the automotive sector in order to drive precision and quality in the production of highly complex components.

Within a vertical integration system, which allows to control all production phases, KUKA facilitates the production flow until the final product is made.

Utilizing highly specialized robots, KUKA ensures productivity is optimized and quality is consistent, minimizing the potential of non-conformity in individual components of the final product.

Integrating KUKA’s technology into OMR S.p.A. production cycle has been efficiently streamlined across multiple spot-welding and welding stations. This cutting-edge technology not only enhances production efficiency, but also ensures the end-product meets the highest quality standards for customer satisfaction.

Finally, KUKA provides industrial robotics and automation solutions that enable efficient and cost-effective production management, eliminating delays and optimizing the utilization of organizational resources.


Industrial automation will be the technology solution chosen by OMR S.p.A. for the new plant area dedicated to the production of beam trunks for the front and rear axles of an upcoming off-road vehicle.

By leveraging the cutting-edge Know-How of Automazioni Industriali SRL (Nave, BS), we are able to accelerate and optimize the manufacturing of vehicle components with increased efficiency and accuracy.

The innovative component traceability system, which will be active in the new production area of OMR S.p.A., will help to monitor all stages of production, from the realization of sub-components to welding, allowing to constantly control the processes through a timely reporting of any potential anomalies to the operators involved in the process.

Productivity, flexibility, sustainability

KUKA’s and Automazioni Industriali’s solutions are indicative of the way Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the production of steel components for the automotive sector.

By transitioning in this way, OMR will have a more efficient, flexible and sustainable production process, which will minimize costs and increase the quality of the outputs. With the help of modern automation, robotics, IoT and data analysis, OMR can optimize productivity, keeping costs under control and guaranteeing our customers with products of the highest quality that are in line with their requirements and applicable standards.

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