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The Code of Ethics expanded with new anti-Covid regulations

OMR’s Code of Ethics is the instrument through which the company declares its shared principles and values, expresses its ethical and behavioural commitments and responsibilities, which it assumes and implements in the exercise of its business and which bind the behaviour of anyone in it and for it. Its purpose is to declare and disseminate the values and behavioural rules to which the company intends to make constant reference in exercising its business activity. Thus, by specifying the values to which the company adheres in its operations, it does not forget the fundamental principles of respect for and protection of people and the environment. That is why the Code of Ethics, in conjunction with the Covid emergency, has adopted a series of rules of conduct in the interests of protecting OMR’s employees and staff in the exercise of their activities, to safeguard their health and that of their families.

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Quality and efficiency

Painting shop: innovative technologies for high-quality results

At OMR S.p.A., a leading company in the automotive sector, we have two state-of-the-art paint facilities authorized by major industry players. Modern technologies enable...

Stampaggio a freddo lamiera
Innovation and quality

Cold Sheet Metal Forming: Innovation and Quality in the Automotive Sector with OMR

  Cold sheet metal forming is one of the main processes in the automotive industry. This technique is essential for producing vital vehicle components,...

Business continuity
Business continuity

Business continuity: a guarantee for the customer

According to OMR, Business continuity is fundamental for its production process. In a constantly growing market, competition requires to continuously improve the processes to...