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Business continuity

Business continuity: a guarantee for the customer

According to OMR, Business continuity is fundamental for its production process.
In a constantly growing market, competition requires to continuously improve the processes to guarantee productive continuity: one of the customer’s certainties in terms of time scheduling and quality of the product.


OMR production process is based on vertical integration, to provide the customer with a complete service that goes beyond the single process. In fact, a component in OMR goes through all the phases of the production process, which are completely managed in the Remedello plant.


Within a succession of complex and articulated production phases such as that of OMR, it is necessary to structure the production process in a backup perspective, to guarantee the customer a constant and reliable service. For this reason, the OMR plant in Remedello is made up of various backup systems which guarantee:

  • The continuity of processes, not only in the event of malfunctions.
  • The continuity of the production process.
  • The ability to manage any interruptions due to malfunctions and ensure greater flexibility for the customer.


This logic makes it possible to carry out constant and programmed verification and maintenance activities, without repercussions on production. All this guarantees: efficiency, product quality, safety of the plants and, consequently, of the employees. Redundancy allows you to perform constant verification and scheduled maintenance without impacting production. This guarantees the efficiency and quality of the products and, last but not least, the safety of the employees. Backup systems are also born with the aim of increasing production capacity, leading OMR to developing new products and markets, exploiting the know-how developed over the years. This means entering new markets, exploiting the know-how on the processes that have been designed and developed in recent years.


Investments in new plants have always been focused on the business continuity strategy, which leads only to a growth in production capacity but above all to an improvement of processes.
This is also made possible by the solid working relationship OMR has built over time with its suppliers, extremely reliable partners, who know and embrace OMR philosophy, guaranteeing a high level of service.

Business continuity therefore means having great control over all stages of production, providing backup systems.

All this in order to guarantee the customer an impeccable service.

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