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Food for all

OMR donates a van to hand out food packs

In 2021 we donated €50,000.00 to the project Food for All, an initiative promoted in Brescia during OMR – Sustainability Report 2021 81 The...

OMR, solidarity chain

A breath of fresh air for the municipality and its citizens

We believe that a positive relationship with the community is the basis for a good corporate reputation with all stakeholders, as well as being...


Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore: financial support from OMR for the new campus in Brescia

OMR supports the area’s cultural growth. The new campus area of Brescia’s Sacred Heart Catholic University was inaugurated in 2021 in the area of...

“Engaging in the journey that led to the publication of this Sustainability Report was very important to us and allowed us to see our company from a different perspective.”

Available from 2023

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