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Cold Sheet Metal Forming: Innovation and Quality in the Automotive Sector with OMR


Cold sheet metal forming is one of the main processes in the automotive industry. This technique is essential for producing vital vehicle components, ensuring precision, strength, and versatility in material processing.


OMR’s Key Machinery for Cold Forming

OMR, a leading company in the industry, has various specialized machinery for the cold forming process:

  1. Mechanical Presses:
    Mechanical presses use mechanical mechanisms to efficiently and precisely execute the forming process.
  2. Hydraulic Presses:
    Hydraulic presses utilize hydraulic drives to provide power and control in the forming process, especially dedicated to forming process.
  3. Servo-Electric Presses:
    Servo-electric presses stand out for their use of electric motors, offering high precision and flexibility in the forming process.


Versatility in Forming Processes

Forming processes can vary from simple blanking operations to more complex processes involving bending and shaping. These can be done manually or automatically, adding significant versatility to the production.

All of OMR’s presses are capable of handling either progressive or transfer dies. In the case of transfers, movement between different stations of the die is facilitated by lateral supports that transfer the piece from one station to another.


Automation and Quality Control

Feeding into the presses can be done manually or automatically, depending on the requirements and geometry of the pieces to be worked on. Automated feeding eliminates the need for manual intervention, improving the overall efficiency of the production process.

OMR places great importance on quality control during the forming process. Control gauges and measuring instruments are used at defined intervals to ensure that each produced piece meets the required standards.


Focus on Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

OMR stands out for its wide range of presses capable of working with different types of materials, from cold-rolled sheets to high-strength steels. The company continually invests in innovation, adopting advanced technologies such as servo-electric presses, allowing for maximum power utilization within desired ranges. This is particularly crucial for shaping high-strength materials that require variable processing parameters.

With extensive experience and a steadfast commitment to innovation, OMR aims to be a benchmark in the cold sheet metal forming sector. Looking to the future, the company is prepared to tackle new challenges and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of the automotive market, always ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction.



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