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Collaboration and growth

Confindustria Ancona and Confindustria Brescia visit OMR Plant: a moment of collaboration and growth

A year full of innovations and collaborations The delegations of Confindustria Ancona and Confindustria Brescia recently visited OMR Plant. This marked a significant moment...

Agreement for the next 10 years

Iveco extends 10-year partnership with OMR

The partnership with Iveco continues. The cooperation that began in the 1970s between OMR and Iveco Group continues to thrive, so much so that...

OMR lands in Spain

OMR Truck Components Madrid

OMR implements its production and lands” in Spain. The new plant in Madrid, which has been operational for some time now, was set up...

OMR at the trade fair in September

OMR at the IAA Transportation in Hannover

OMR is taking part in the IAA Transportation in Hannover from 17 to 22 September. The large German trade fair, dedicated to showcasing the...

OMR Grand Prix Edition 2022

Kart race for employees and families returns

Open doors to employees and their families with the Enio Ceriali” Grand Prix, organised by OMR Spa. The memorial event, dedicated to the founder...

Memorial Event 2015

Concert for Enio Ceriali

The concert was organised by our company for all its employees, with the main objective of remembering and thanking Enio Ceriali, a visionary entrepreneur,...

Food for all

OMR donates a van to hand out food packs

In 2021 we donated €50,000.00 to the project Food for All, an initiative promoted in Brescia during OMR – Sustainability Report 2021 81 The...

The 67th Hannover fair

IAA 2018 Hannover

OMR S.p.A. was present at the 67th edition of the IAA fair in Hannover in September 2018....


“Engaging in the journey that led to the publication of this Sustainability Report was very important to us and allowed us to see our company from a different perspective.”

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